District Banners - Business Sponsorship

Business sponsorship contact information

Thank you for your intersted in sponsoring a district light pole banner(s) which will promote your business while celebrating our community! All banners are priced at $250.00 per set/pole and will remain for 2 years. You can purchase multiple sets. Light poles must be located in the Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area (SSA60) - see boundaries here. Staff will advise on available poles, and we will do our best to accommodate your location preferences given the availability of physical poles and/or those not already sponsored by another business.

On this form, please provide your business contact information for your banner sponsorship. At the bottom, you will be asked to indicate the business name to be used on the banner and location preferences. Staff will follow up on your sponsorship requests upon submission to finalize all details and preferences.


Business sponsorship name, location(s), and payment

In this section, please provide the precise name and spelling of how we should list your business on the banners. Please provide your location and design preferences (see 6 image options below); upon completing this form, staff will follow up with you to secure the final light pole location(s) based on availability. Light poles must be located in the Albany Park & Irving Park Special Service Area (SSA60) boundaries which can be found here: bit.ly/ssa60map. Note: The neighborhood will be listed as Irving Park starting on the south side of Montrose down towards Irving Park Road. Each corridor has its own color palette.

Each set for a lightpole costs $250.00; banners are up for 2 years. For example, if you purchase 3 sets, in the donation box, please type in $675.00. This price includes all design, fabrication, installation, hardware, and maintenance costs. However, after the banners are installed, if you wish to move the banner or make any changes, you will be charged for this service.

These are the 6 designs that are rotated and paired with a Global Roots Local Heart/business sponsorship banner to complete the set:

Neon CRM by Neon One